Most of our customers love doing business with us and keep coming back. Here are some of their comments:

My precious LP arrived back home safely along with the CD you made for me. The quality of the CD is fabulous! Suddenly, it was 1967 and I was fifteen and out to change the world...thanks for the memories and your magical work!
P. Haskey - Sept. 19, 2019

Package came today in great condition. We owe your business a special thanks since the job was done so well - right down to the labeling. Couldn't be more pleased.
The Steeles - August 14, 2019

I finally have viewed the flash drive upon which you copied my VHS tape ..... Your process is fantastic! Quality is as good as the original. Please send to me the paperwork to order 10 more copies.
D. Ramsey - April 2019

I can’t believe the quality of the sound on those tapes you digitalized  - they were recorded 50 years ago and have sat in the garage for the past 30 years! I live in the Kansas City area and the garage temperatures range from very hot to very cold! Thanks,
T. Coulter - August 2018 - VHS tape restoration

OUTSTANDING!!!! Just got my vinyl conversion and the quality is beyond belief. AVRestore should receive a Grammy. The vinyl never sounded as good as their conversion. No distortion, no pops; this from a 55+ year old LP. Could not be more pleased.
K. Riley - July 2018

Thanks for the great job!
G. Novak - October 2018 - 1940's gramophone disc

I just have to tell you that I received the restored tape and I have no words to tell you how pleased I am with it. You restored the solo that I particularily wanted, so pure I felt like I was listening in person.
W. Johnson - Musician

... the WWII record to you if it could have been in the box. Again I was so happy to hear my father's voice again and my grandson who never know him can hear Grandpa's advice to his children.
J. Spencer - Oakland, CA

Conversion of HDV Cassettes to MAC format drive for Premiere Pro looks perfect! Many thanks.
K. Hesse - Media Professional

Just picked up mail today ... Y'all did an awesome job!!! ....Wonderful! Surely my husband's family will also be pleased with them. I am SO DELIGHTED with the DVDs,.... Thanks for the time you spent on this project, especially all your sharing with me via phone & e-mail.
E. O'Hara

Audio mastering project: We received the CD’s a few days ago. ... Everything is perfect. My wife and I cannot express our sincere thanx and gratitude.
D. Chan

You and your service has been a great help to our company and we look forward to continuing business with you. Thanks again.
V. Cheek

Great job as usual

I ordered conversion from 33-1/3 to Audio CD last week and received the completed order today. I am most pleased and extremely satisfied with the quality of the CDs and the excellent and speedy service. Thank you.

Greetings! Just want to say thank you so much for doing such an excellent job on my cassette "Guitar Music From...". I will tell every musician friend I have about your marvelous work and fast turn-around. You're Terrific! Many Thanks,
J. Weaver - Musician

Thank you so much! The "antique" tapes and converted CD's arrived today, right on schedule. I listened to everything ASAP and couldn't be more pleased! Your work is amazing and I am so thankful I found you! Most Sincerely ...
M. Taylor

I got my CD back yesterday. I am very pleased. Thanks for a great job.
D. McCants

Let me take this opportunity to thank you for the CDs you made from the reel-to-reel tapes I sent to you this summer! It has been such a trip down memory lane to hear my father, mother, brother, myself, grandparents and cousins recording "tape letters", as Dad called them, that would be sent back and forth in the mail. I can't believe I can once again hear the sounds of opening presents on Christmas morning, family stories, and piano recitals. And to hear the laughter and voices of people who died many, many years ago is certainly a trip back in time. As you could tell, my grandparents were musicians, and it is certainly a rarity to hear some of the instruments they played in their concerts. Thank you for your prompt attention to my time constraints; I was able to return everything by my deadline, which was such a relief. Thank you for your help with this arduous project. This is something which I shall certainly cherish, and hopefully someday my daughters will cherish.
B. Holt

I used a company called Video For You to digitize a around a 1000 pieces of media. They did a great job, hit my deadline, and the price was good.
B.Foster - corporate customer

Just wanted to let you all know how very pleased I was with the video conversion you recently did for me. Great job on the DVD's! Thanks!
L. Erickson

I wanted to thank you for the great service you gave me. My brothers and sister are going to love the DVD's. Thanks,
M. Dombrowski

I want to thank you for the EXCELLENT job you did on converting an old reel to reel tape I made during an impromptu "Jam Session" and party back in 1968. It was so good to hear my old friends voices after almost 38 years. The quality of the conversion to CD was so good, that it was like reliving that wonderful two hours in time. My buddies sounded just like I remember them and I will always cherish this recording. Thank you for bring back this special memory for me.
R. Spraitz

Just wanted to let you know that I've received my videos back - the converted one is perfect, and I'm very happy with it. Thank you.
L. DeJong

Just picked up mail today ... Y'all did an awesome job!!! ....Wonderful! Surely my husband's family will also be pleased with them. I am SO DELIGHTED with the DVDs,.... Thanks for the time you spent on this project, especially all your sharing with me via phone & e-mail.
E. O'Hara

I have listened to all the mp3 files you sent me and they sound excellent, thanks for the quick response,

I have used your company for three years and do not want to use anyone else!! =) ... You have always done a wonderful job and I would rather work with you, thanks,
J. Tuller

Thank you so dearly for your exceptional professionalism in converting my sd (h4) to cd (mp3 format), and prompt return delivery. You so impressed me and I hope to be able to do more business with you very soon. I am so thankful to be able to afford this. You are a God send!!!! Thanks!
I. Cunningham

I would like to thank you for all the help. My Uncle is over the moon with the CD's. Best wishes.

Just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful service. Listening to the CD moved my family to tears after recognizing voices they haven't heard in over 30 years. The sound quality was superb and much better than I expected from a reel that was so old. Thanks again!

I just received the CD's that you transferred over from an old album. Thank you - my mom has been gone for 5 years now and this is the first time that we have gotten to hear her voice in all that time. This is a priceless treasure and will make the best Xmas present ever for my dad.
E. Allen

No, thank YOU! Your projects have become such a family tradition that we just can't have Christmas without it. Your work puts smiles on our faces all throughout the year. Thank you so much,
Jen T.

Just wanted to confirm that I have received the CD conversions and am very pleased with your work. Thanks for all of you efforts. Have a great Christmas.
Dale C.

I got the job yesterday! Thanks so much! The audio sounds great. The DVD was a nice treat. All-in-all, very happy with the service.
D. Mack - Performer

We just want you to know that we are very, very pleased with the CD that you made from our reel to reel. You did a wonderful job of capturing from the reel to reel tape a good amount of our wedding recording from 50 years ago.
Beverly F.

Excellent, thank you so much! We’ve had the opportunity to see the DVDs last week and absolutely loved it – it’s so good to go through those nice memories, is it not? I thought you’d also be happy to see the good impact your work has on your customers
M. Dutra