U-Matic video conversion to DVD and other digital formats

3/4" U-Matic:

U-Matic is an analog SD videocassette format that followed the 1” type C and 2” Quad formats, which used open reels.

Developed by:  Sony
Prototype introduced: October 1969
Launched on:  September 1971
Used for:  News acquisition and television production
a.k.a.: Umatic, U-matic, ¾” , three quarter inch, ¾” U-matic, three quarter inch U-Matic,
Cassette size:

  • U-Matic S – field VTRs. Maximum 20 min. recording time. Can be played in older top loading machines with the use of an adapter (KCA-1)
  • U-Matic L – Edit decks. One hour recording time

Magnetic tape used:  3/4” oxide-formulated tape

Cassette shells: varied in color depending on the manufacturer

Magnetic tape manufacturers: Sony, Fuji, Maxell, Ampex and 3M

Video recording:  Analog video composite recording using a helical scan head. The total potential lines of horizontal resolution for standard U-matic is 280 lines per picture height. Vertical resolution is the NTSC standard of 486 visible scan lines.

Audio recording: stereo linear audio tracks.

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