Betacam SX, Beta SX video conversion to DVD and other digital formats



Developed by:  Sony. Digital standard definition format.
MPEG IMX is a 2001 development of the Digital Betacam format.
Launched in:  2001
Used for:  news acquisition and television production
a.k.a.: IMX, MPEG IMX
Cassette sizes:

  • IMX -S – small factor format used in camcorders. Up to 60 min recording time.
  • IMX -L – Large factor format used in editing VTR-s. Recording time: up to 184 minutes (220 min in PAL)

Magnetic tape used:  ½” metal-formulated tape
Cassette shells: muted greeen
Video recording: Digital video compression uses H.262/MPEG-2 Part 2 encoding at a higher bitrate than Betacam SX: 30 Mbit/s (6:1 compression), 40 Mbit/s (4:1 compression) or 50 Mbit/s (3.3:1 compression). Unlike most other MPEG-2 implementations, IMX uses intraframe compression. Additionally, IMX ensures that each frame has the same exact size in bytes to simplify recording onto video tape.
Audio recording:  eight channels of audio and time code track.

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