Laser Disc video conversion to DVD and other digital formats


Logo- Laser Disc, LD digital video
Developed by:  MCA DiscoVision
Launched in:  1978
A.K.A.: Laser Disc, LD, Laser Disk
Used for: Consumer video
Dimensions: 11.81 inch (30 cm) in diameter
Length:  60 min./side (CLV discs) and 30 minutes per side (CAV discs)
Media used:  Optical disc 11.81 inch (30 cm) in diameter.
Manufacturers: MCA DiscoVision , Pioneer
Video recording: analog video
Audio recording: two analog FM, two PCM tracks, Some with Dolby Digital and DTS .
Variations of LD: CAV (constant angular velocity), CLV (constant linear velocity), CAA (constant angular acceleration)

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