Video 8 HI8, Digital 8 video conversion to DVD and other digital formats

8 mm videocassette format:

This page is describing the original Video8 analog recording format and its improved successor Hi8 analog video and analog audio but with provision digital audio, as well as a more recent digital recording format known as Digital8.

Developed by: Sony
Launched in:  1985
A.K.A.: 8 mm video, Video 8, Video8, HI8, Digital8, High 8, Digital 8, D8 and Handycam.
Used for: Consumer (mainly) and professional video recording
Tape used: 8 mm magnetic tape in cassette shells measuring 95x62.5x15mm.
Length:  120 min. max. in SP.
Manufacturers: Sony, Hitachi, Pioneer, RCA, Fuji, Scotch and others
Video recording: helical scan head.

  • Video 8 - analog
  • HI8 – analog –improved electronics and media formulation
  • D8 – digital (DV codec)

Audio recording:

  • Video 8 - analog AFM
  • HI8 – analog AFM, and digital PCM on some machines
  • D8 – digital

Variations: Data8 (data recorder), RUVI

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