Betacam SX, Beta SX video conversion to DVD and other digital formats

Betacam SX (Beta SX) :

Developed by:  Sony. Digital standard definition format developed as a less expensive alternative to Digi Beta
Launched in:  1996
Used for:  news acquisition and television production
a.k.a.: Beta Cam SX, Beta SX

Cassette sizes:

  • Betacam SX-S – small factor format used in camcorders. Up to 62 min recording time.
  • Betacam SX-L – Large factor format used in editing VTR-s. Recording time: up to 194 minutes

Magnetic tape used:  ½” metal-formulated tape
Cassette shells: bright yellow color
Video recording: Betacam SX uses MPEG-2 4:2:2P@ML compression, in comparison with other similar systems that use 4:1:1 or 4:2:0 coding. It gives better chroma resolution and allows certain postproduction processes such as chroma-key
This format compresses the video signal from approximately 180Mb/s to only 18Mb/s. This means a compression ratio of around 10:1, which is achieved by the use of mild temporal compression, where alternate frames are stored as MPEG I-frames and B-frames, giving rise to an IBIB sequence on tape.
Audio recording:  4 channels of 48 kHz 16 bit PCM audio.

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